Oil Trailers mobile housing units

We are an Argentinean company with extensive knowledge of making mobile housing units. Oil trailers were thought to satisfy the increasing global demand in order to offer an improved and personalized service to our customers where technology, high quality and comfort are the main points.

The company is located in Nueve de Julio, Buenos Aires, Argentina. And we have a wide network of commercial representatives in Argentina and bordering countries.

Oil Trailers, are thought to satisfy an increasingly demanding market and produced specially for clients who seek to acquire modules habitacionales where it is outlined at the same time: technology, quality and comfort.

Oil Trailers Mobile Camp House Units for oil, gas and mining

The mobile housing units “oil trailers” are specially designed and produced to satisfy gas, petrol and mining industry’s needs and requirements.

Oil Trailers Road Units for gas, oil and mining

Road trailers for workrooms, oil wells, gas, mining industry, health, etc. Internal made-to-measure, such as: kitchens, dinning rooms, bedrooms, offices, sanitaries, offices, among others.

Oil Trailers Rural Units for agriculture

Rural and agricultural trailers are an essential and key part of living and working at the countryside. Our trailers are entirely made in "Oil trailers" factory, we have created a premium product in order to optimize resistance and durability, building a standard trailer or a personalized one.

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